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              ?三葉%&&&&&%工作原理: 羅茨風機為容積式風機,輸送的風量與轉數 ...


              rootsblower-1 rootsblower-2 rootsblower-6 rootsblower-7 rootsblower-11 ?三葉%&&&&&%工作原理: 羅茨風機為容積式風機,輸送的風量與轉數成比例,三葉型葉輪每轉動一次由 2 個葉輪進行 3 次吸、排氣。與二葉型相比,氣體脈動性小,振動也小,噪聲低。風機 2 根軸上的葉輪與橢圓形殼體內孔面,葉輪端面和風機前后端蓋之間及風機葉輪之間者始終保持微小的間隙,在同步齒輪的帶動下風從風機進風口沿殼體內壁輸送到排出的一側。風機內腔不需要潤滑油,結構簡單,運轉平穩,性能穩定,適應多種用途,已運用于廣泛的領域。 三葉羅茨鼓風機的特點: ● 由于采用了三葉轉子結構形式及合理的殼體內進出風口處的結構,所以風機振動小,噪聲低。 ● 葉輪和軸為整體結構且葉輪無磨損,風機性能持久不變,可以長期連續運轉。 ● 風機容積利用率大,容積效率高,且結構緊湊,安裝方式靈活多變。 ● 軸承的選用較為合理,各軸承的使用壽命均勻,從而延長了風機的壽命! ● 風機油封選用進口氟橡膠材料,耐高溫,耐磨,使用壽命長。 ● 機種齊全,可滿足不同用戶不同用途的需要。 ● 采用線形優化后葉輪曲線和特殊結構的殼體,效率提高10%左右。 ?主要技術指標: ●流量0.5m3~200m3/min; ●升壓:9.8~78.4kPa。 The three-lobe roots type rotary blower type JGR of is a new product which has been developed by adopting innovated techniques, based on the manufacturing experience in the roots type rotary blowersfor many years. The three-lobe roots type JGR high pressure rotary blower is a new product which has been developed by adopting innovated techniques,based on the manufacturing experience in the roots type rotary blowers for many years. These blowers have improved full-adiabatic efficiency as well as volumetric efficiency and provide supperior air capacity vs.pressure characteristic. The superiority of efficiency leads to reduction of the heat from the blower itself,and therefore,reduction of the temperature elevation,and thus the operation of blower in dry condition has become practical at the discharge pressure as low as 0.8kgf/cm2. Roots Type rotary Blowers Features 1 JGR-HB three-lobe blowers needn’t water coolant within 80kpa boost pressure. 2 the helical construction uses the stator helical method that the screen lines of casing at the suction and discharge sides are cut to a helical shape,and the triangle suction and discharge port formed by a straight line of the rotor top is to be opened and closed gradually. Therefore,the suction and discharge ports of this type is not opened or closed at momnets,which makes these blowers have an only limited operation suound and almost free from pulsations from discharge. 3 The rotors are ghree-lobe straight type,so that the rotors cannot interfere with each other,resulting from minor displacements in the trust direction as in the helical type.Therefore,the clearance between the rotors should be assured in the profile direction only and thus there is no necessity of an excessive clearance on account of displacements in the thrust direction as in case of the rotor helical type.From such reasons,these blowers hav e a very high efficiency,in comparison with the rotor helical type of same dimensions. 4 By adoption of an unique profile of rotor,the clearance between the rotors can be held to be constant,which makes the efficiency even higher. 5 The precision of rotors if fully controlled and variation of precision between blowers is almost nil because the rotors are produced under the mass production control by utilizing a premision NC maching.In addition,the rotors are dynamically balanced in the fabrication stage already,so that these rotors are almost free from vibrations as in the case of conventional rotors which are still unbalanced. 6 The advancedest driving gears are adopted not only to extend the use life but also to make noise lower.The gears are made in special Cr-M.steel by hardening treatment and are made according with gear precision of JIS first-class.Therefore,the harmful disturbances to products from gears are avoided. 7 The transported air is clean and any oil-dust free oil lubrication is not needed in casing and the structure design present the bearing oil and gear ooil from entering the casing. 8 With the establishment of quality management system and manufacture management system,the aims of parts exchanging,less production cost and rapid delivery are realized.The blowers of right quantity are keeped in stock to make delivery in time.

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